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So let's continue.....In 1983 a young Entrepreneur created a "virtual" buried treasure by burying $ 100,000 of gemstones in a specified location in the United States. It was a "virtual" buried treasure because the treasure was not really buried but resided safely in the young entrepreneur's safety deposit box.

He offered the "armchair" buried treasure to anyone who could guess its location. We have evidence that approximtely 10 original clues were given for its location.

Today 32 years later, the treasure still exists and has never been found. Like most buried treasures it has long been forgotten.

Only six of those original 10 clues had been recovered. The others like the treasure itself have been long forgotten.

UNTIL TODAY - 11/29/15 

On May 26, 1983 the Chicago Tribune published an article by Rogers Worthington detailing the armchair buried treasure which was sweeping the radio station departments throughout the United States. Click here to see the original Chicago Tribune article.

In this article are the first six clues that were announced over various radio stations, one a week, hinting at the treasure's location. There were several more clues issued but unfortunately they have been lost with time.... UNTIL NOW - Click here to see the original 6 and additional 4 clues.

It was our goal to recover the lost clues if possible and to obtain the entreprenuer's agreement to issue new clues if possible. We have achieved that goal as the now older young entrepreneur has reconstructed the 4 addtional clues for us and has agreed to issue addtional new clues (at least one a month ) starting in 2016.


The only known rule for the treasure is that your guess must describe the location as written down 32 years ago word for word. The first guess received that does so wins the treasure.

Our rule is simple, you can't hold this website liable for any malfunctions that may or may not occur in the delivery and presentation of your guesses, or incorrect or inaccurate information contained herein. 


Make your guesses and stay tuned to this page, as new information will first appear here from time to time. As registered members we will also email you regarding any new developments. Please keep your registration information current.

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